My mother is a nag!

April 29, 2009

I’ve been given quite a bit of grief over not updating this thing often enough… so I figure I better get down to it and talk about my ACTUAL Spring Break as soon as possible (especially considering I leave on another adventure in 48 hours to Mykonos with the school!)

The break began, as tradition now seems to require, in the Athens airport on Friday night.  On Saturday morning Mom got on her 6:00am flight to the good ole’ US of A and Lizzy and I boarded our flight to Munich (final destination: Madrid).  To be frank, it was the choppiest flight I’ve been on in years and I’m not sure which one of us left more nail marks in the other’s hand.

Two planes, six hours, and one very messy gate-mix up later, we arrived in the Madrid airport.  It is always refreshing for me to see the latin alphabet now, no matter what language it is garbled into, I still find some comfort in naturally knowing what the letters sound like!  Since we were attempting to budget ourselves still at this point, we took the metro downtown to our hostel for the first night.  We promptly fell straight into our bunkbeds and slept for the next four hours (when we say we slept at the Athens Airport the night before- it’s really more like we spent the night- there was very little sleeping involved in the process).

One of my best friends from Boston, MB, and one of Lizzy’s best friends, Alex, are both studying in Madrid for the semester (hence the extended visit).  The girls picked us up outside of our hostel around 6pm that evening and gave us a walking tour of Grand Via, Plaza Mayor and eventually we ended up at a fantastic restaurant in Cheuca, one of the more alternative/young districts of the city.  I certainly can understand how these girls, who are both living with Spanish families while they are here, have become slightly sick of Spanish food, but for me on my first night- it was fantastic.  Other BC-in-Madrid-ers joined us for dinner and over several bottles of wine, lots of croquettes (pardon my spelling), salads, and lots of ham we debated all the pros and cons of being abroad, what we miss most about home, and what we will miss the most once we leave.  The things we will miss certainly outweighed the things we won’t miss- though it was so refreshing for me to be surrounded by people I truly had something distinct in common with.  I have a nagging feeling that for the rest of my life I will always be able to have abnormally long conversations with fellow BC alums, strangers or not.  That night we stopped at a few different bars before making our way to Madrid’s famous Teatro Kapital which is a seven (!!!!!) story club with a roof deck complete with palm trees.  It was overwhelming but wholly enjoying.  I am proud to say I didn’t leave Kapital until 6:15 am Sunday morning (dancing counts as exercise, right?) because when in Spain, eh?

The next day Lizzy and I switched hostels (five nights in a row is a difficult thing to achieve so we had to settle for one and four) at the obscenely early hour of 10am.  We found out that our new hostel, located seconds from the Cheuca metro stop, was actually doubling as a dormitory/residence for study abroad students.  One of my friends from BC, Jenna, was actually living the floor above us (which we did not discover until the second day!).  It was Sunday so most stores and restaurants were closed so we took advantage and did some more sleeping before meeting up with Alex and MB again for more wandering around Madrid.  This time we saw the outside of the Palace, the Banco de Espana and parts of Parque de El Retiro.  We bravely attempted one of their favorite lounges that night but found we were just too exhausted from the day before to keep our eyes open any longer.

The Palace!

The Palace!

Monday found the four of us on a rowboat in the middle of the lake at Parque de El Retiro for about four and a half hours (we paid for one and a half hours, teehee).  It will go down in my memory as one of the most enjoyable days of my time abroad, hell, even in my life!  The weather was spectacular, 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

MB and me having a good laugh on the lake

MB and me having a good laugh on the lake

ARGH I just finished this entire post and it went and deleted itself so pardon me if this next update is a little late in coming.


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