March 11, 2009

Makrynitsa SignThe village of Makrynitsa is located about 12 km from Volos.  This 12km took our bus, however, over a half an hour thanks to the narrow roads (whose edges were hardly feet from rather steep cliffs).

The town was well worth the wait.  Our bus dropped us off about a km from the center, since no vehicle traffic is allowed in or out, and we walked the rest of the way with our bags with someone stopping practically every other foot to take a picture of this new, magnificent view.  Every street in Mkrynitsa was paved in cobblestones (often quite UNEVEN cobble stones, my feet were killing me the next day).  There were paths that ran up and down the hillside in all directions.  I explored with a small group for almost the entire evening.

The stones were as uneven as they look

The stones were as uneven as they look

We actually ended up eating at the taverna you can see the tables of in this photo ^.  I shared dishes with a friend of mine and both were unbelievable.  Lamb with pasta, tomato sauce and cheese along with veal, potatoes, carrots, and cheese.  (Cheese is really in everything here I don’t know why I bother listing it)  YUM.  We then raided the kiosk of all of its amstel and went to go hang out on the boys’ hotel porch, which had the most unbelievable view of the night sky.

The view :)

The view 🙂

The girls!

The girls!

After crashing early, Jeni and I woke up to watch the sunrise over the mountains.



All around the village there are fresh water fountains that are rumored to spout water that makes the drinker immortal.  Naturally, we were all interested in immortality so everyone tried it.  I even bottled some to take home as an insurance policy,  haha.

This nalgene is currently in my fridge- I'm thinking a sip every day will keep the doctor away?

This nalgene is currently in my fridge- I'm thinking a sip every day will keep the doctor away?

The rest of the day we spent re-exploring, shopping at the small stores (renowned for their spices- which of course I had to try) and visiting the folklore museum of the town.

"downtown" ha

"downtown" ha

All in all it was a beautiful, relaxing weekend- being immortal now is only a plus.  We hopped on the bus in time to make it back by sunset to Thess, stopping for gyros along the way (which I should devote an entire post to because they are SO AMAZING).

Egypt tomorrow. THAT will be some entry.  It’ll probably take me at least six.  Cheers!


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