Volos/Mt. Pilio

March 10, 2009

If this is a dream, I would like not to wake up from it.

Last week was fantastic.  I decided to take Greek pass/fail, a great bar called Dogs hosted a ‘Spring Party’ for ACT students on Wednesday night that was amazing, and we figured out how to go to the movies here!  Then on Saturday morning I got myself up unusually early (8am, gasp!) to get on a bus with about 35 other study abroad students to drive south about three hours to a town called Volos.

Me, Jeni, Sarah, Deirdre, Jenna

Me, Jeni, Sarah, Deirdre, Jenna

Volos in many ways was like a small Thessaloniki, it’s waterfront was actually a great deal more modern but it provided the same kind of function as ours here.  In ancient times Volos was supposedly where Jason left on the Argo for his quest for the Golden Fleece.  The city is in the providence of Thessaly, which over the years has provided to be one of the richest areas in the world for Paleolithic age artifact discoveries.  We went to the Archeological museum of Volos which was pretty interesting (though I won’t lie- once you have seen more than one archeological museum, you’ve seen stuff that looks pretty much all the same).  My favorite part was definitely the pottery from the later ages, I really want to buy a nice replica before I leave, I love the geometric patterns.I want the top one!

Afterward we had some free time for lunch and wandering the waterfront.  Since food is ALWAYS our first priority we sat down right away at a taverna and ordered the usual, greek salads and tstasiki (still not sure if im spelling that right) among other things.  Now Daphne (my art appreciation teacher- the class i have a TEST in today actually- and our tour guide for the weekend) had told us of course Volos is a port city so check out the seafood.  Jacquie, another Boston friend- she goes to Babson, and I decided to be adventurous and ordered a fish called Dorado (I still have no clue what kind of fish it was.)  After waiting a half hour longer than everyone else for our food (we decided they must be catching it fresh) we were rewarded when it came out on a bed of lettuce, completely whole (but grilled!).  Though the eyeballs (and erm, teeth) freak some people out- including many of the girls at our table- we both agreed that sometimes it’s nice to eat something whole.  I know exactly where it’s coming from/what it is/there are no artificial ingredients/etc etc.  Plus, it was DELICIOUS.

Jacquie and I and our (finished) Dorado- Note the bones! haha

Jacquie and I and our (finished) Dorado- Note the bones! haha

The rest of the afternoon we spent walking the boardwalk.  There was a pier that stretched all the way out to the center of the gulf with the most breathtaking view of the city and the mountains behind it.  I can’t really describe how beautiful it was with words, so I’ll just let the pictures try to do that!We found this graffiti on the pier. Perfect huh?

The girls on the pier

The girls on the pier

In heaven

In heaven

A mini version of Thessaloniki's waterfront!  (With better blue water!)

A mini version of Thessaloniki's waterfront! (With better blue water!)

Next up: That night/next day in Makrynitsa!


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