Signomi then milao elenika

February 13, 2009

That means I’m sorry, I don’t speak greek.

Ahaha.  I really do have a great many interesting cultural things to comment on I just wanted to update tonight to remind everyone I was still here.  This week has been incredibly busy with my first week of classes!! Though the classes themselves seem rather simplistic compared to BC it still has been interesting viewing things from a more european perspective.

This semester I am taking:

The Modern Greek Nation State

Ancient Greece

Art Appreciation

Greek 101

The Politics of the European Union

… I already have learned the alphabet (and thus, can pretty much read!) in greek!   The professor is fantastic she goes so thoroughly through everything and obviously understands the audience she is servicing.  I also think I’m really going to enjoy the other classes, the modern greek nation state has already provoked several debates that I will discuss tomorrow when I have time off.   In the meantime I need to hit the hat, gotta catch the bus in ohhh 6 hours!

Bon nuit!  Damn, not in france.


(w/ the latin alphabet thats how you would spell goodnight!)


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