A whole week?!

February 8, 2009

This morning (er well, afternoon) after I rolled out of bed it hit me that I have been here a full week now.  In a way it’s amazing because we have done so much and I already feel so comfortable here but in another way I am terrified that the semester is going to jut pass in a complete blur and before I know it I’ll be on a plane home.

My first weekend in the city was a fantastic success.  After all the joys of orientation on Thursday they took us to a bar that had live blues/alternative music that was just down the street.  Friday we went to a nearby town called Vergina which is the burial place of all the Macedonian Kings (like Phillip and Alexander the Great’s son.  Alexander’s tomb’s location still has never been found).  It was pretty fantastic for the nerd in me and I was thrilled to see my new friends as interested in it as I was.  The whole museum was underground and the tombs were surprisingly intact (for being over 2000 years old!).  It was a bit funny though because towards the end of the tour the guide was saying “Well actually we can’t say that we are 100% sure that these tombs actually belong to Alexander IV and Phillip since there is no writing on either tomb.”  I thought that was interesting that there was no marking at all of the graves, though I suppose everyone back then would know who they belonged to and it’s not as though the Macedonians were anticipating being analyzed by society thousands of years from then.

The rest of the weekend passed in a blur of tavernas and clubs.  We are trying to do as many different things as possible to try and figure out what scene we like best.  Last night we actually saw Ja Rule, a washed up American rapper (who was famous when I was in middle school), perform at a club downtown.  Random? Yes. Worth every cent? Yes and more yes.

A word on the tavernas… they are amazing.  Last night we walked around with a group of twelve (eeek I hate traveling in large groups!) and negotiated our way into free wine for the whole table.  There is an entire alley off of the main square (named after Aristotle!) that is just restaurant after restaurant.  I can’t wait until the weather is warm enough to sit outside for hours and hours just enjoying the atmosphere.  The food has been better than I even imagined, though my cholestoral has definitely gained a few points.  Last night we ordered all appetizers and just sat around eating and drinking from 10pm until 1 when we left for the concert.  I can’t decide what I like better so far, the fried zuicchini or the grape leaves… eek or the salads which are so fresh or maybe this amazing red pepper cheese dip we discovered.  I really am overwhelmed by the idea of LIMITING my consumption.  I just keep having to remind myself I’ll be here for four months I can have this food again ahaha.  And while I’m on the subject of food, it is possible that I will single-handedly exhaust the orange production of Crete.  These oranges are UNBELIEVABLE.  (If anyone thinks 2-3 oranges a day could be bad for you let me know?)

Time for me to get things ready for my big first day of classes tomorrow!  I am nerdily excited.


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